What would be different if the creative power of love was the controlling power in your life?  
We’d like to help you find out.


The Fieldwork School offers training that moves us collectively towards a New Way of Being that is no longer separate, and operates as a living field of interconnection containing every possibility. Join Us!

What is The Creative Power of Love Course?


This is a course in solving our problems by evolving out of them— by changing the way of being that is creating the problem in the first place using the Fieldwork Method. This method is designed to produce ontological change—a fundamental change in one’s sense of self and in the systems that self creates. 

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Can’t Join us in Person?

Try Our self-paced online course:   Fieldbending 101

Fieldbending 101 is a 9-Week self paced course that teaches how to create a generative field of positive influence that effects health, wealth, and all our relations.

  • A complete step-by-step transformational system that offers clear maps and methods to help you go deep into the ‘transformational territory’ on a guided journey with speed and safety;

  • A proven, field tested, and scientifically based state-change methodology called Infusion Meditation that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, letting you relax into the process and enjoy yourself as you progressively make measurable changes in ‘how you occur.’

  • A complete guide to the spiritual experience offered in the form of a treasured and award-winning story.  We incorporate story to ignite your visionary imagination, and to introduce a whole-brain transmission of spiritual information 

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